Sonos doesn't allow anyone to operate the music services (like Spotify or Apple Music as an example). That means you browse your playlists or songs from SuonO unless you add them from any Sonos app to the queue. We would love to remove these limitations, however, we believe that the music labels are not allowing Sonos to open up the Music Services. Most of the community seems to agree on this point.

SuonO will be able to edit and operate the queue as long as the queue already exists. This article describes how to operate the queue of your local network music library from SuonO. The steps below assume you have added some songs to the queue. You can do that from your mobile Sonos app or a computer.

  1. Go to any player
  2. Swipe until you reach the last dial
  3. Swipe down to go to the Sonos sources
  4. Click on Queue
  5. Select with one click the songs you want to add/remove
  6. Hold down for 2 seconds the Siri main button
  7. A circular menu appears and you can access the functions allowed by the context of the screen you are on

The same behavior is available on the playlists screen.