There are multiple reasons of why SuonO can't discover your speakers. Statistically speaking is always a network issue.

If the airplane icon is colored orange then it is very likely that your network DNS latency is higher than 500ms. That means that SuonO is having a hard time in managing or waiting for answers from the speakers. In those cases, there isn't much that we can do. However, unplugging (temporary) the network cable if you're using one, may lead to q better speed necessary for the discovery process. This issue is not very frequently experienced.

If you are seeing a message where the plant is colored orange, then you're experiencing issues with stereo paired speakers. The most common solution, in this case, is to temporarily separate the stereo pair. Relaunch SuonO and after the discovery is completed you can pair them back. This is often experienced on a network with lots of devices.

The discovery time should take less than 1 minute. If it is taking more than 1-2 minutes don't hold your breath, there's an issue with the app that is not capable of detecting or communicating with the speakers. In those case just file a ticket and fill the form below. If you don't see any of the signs above and the search keeps spinning it is possible that a hardware present on your network is interfering with the discovery phase.

Please fill this form so we can investigate and figure out what's going on with your setup.

Do file a ticket (it's free) after you have you have filled the form. Critical step if you want us to take action on the issue you are experiencing.